Friday, December 3, 2010

House-Electro Beatz

Check out these bomb house-electro songs. I know some of you guys can even get wild to this stuff because I defs can. Europeans love this shit and since they are ahead of us in everything, we need to catch up ;]

Gregori Klosman & Danny Wild - Space Banana (Original Mix)
Pretty cool song that drops around 1:14. Funky beat that I defs dig. Cop this song if you're a house-electro lover. (4.1/5.0)


David May ft. Max Urban - Facebook Love (Zedd Remix) 
For all you people that waste half of your life on the internet because of Facebook, here is a guy that sings about you. Whenever you stalk a crush of yours, you have permission to play this song. Pretty damn cool song with a dank changing melody. Everyone who has a Facebook (AKA everyone) cop this ish. (4.2/5.0)


Carte Blanche feat. Kid Sister - Do! Do! Do! (Laidback Luke Remix)
Pretty damn cool house-electro song. Laidback Luke makes some awesome beats - this is an enjoyable song to listen to. Semi upbeat and happy melody, with some cute little lyrics. Check it. (3.8/5.0)


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